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The Purity of Innocence: Exhibition on Works and Prestigious Authors of Children's Literature (National Museum of Taiwan Literature)(Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


The core of children's literature is its childlike innocence. As you enter the colourful world of imagination, please do not forget to invite adults and to share your curiosity, joy and jubilance with them.

Children's literature serves all of you who are reading at this moment. According to researchers, children's literature primarily targets readers who are in the age range from 0 to 18. While producing their works, authors of children's literature have to first write from the perspectives of children mentally, physically and socially, then express their thoughts with languages that are comprehensible to children. Furthermore, authors should also consider children's specific feelings, mental reactions and value systems. Adhering such notions and definitions of children's literature as a whole, we planned an exhibition of the works of prestigious writers who are famous for children's literature. Most of the authors contributed to this exhibition were born before 1945 and have experienced the horrors of war; some of them grew up in Taiwan and were raised by their grandparents, while the others followed their families, migrated to the other side of Taiwan Strait and settled down on the island. These authors composed their stories, poems and songs based on their extraordinary life experiences. Their works, often showing up in school textbooks storybooks, have accompanied you since the previous generation. After decades, many people still remember these classics, and can recite them fluently.

The unfeigned spirit of children is the most cherished virtue of one's life. Children's literature is the wings that carry the spiritual brightness of being to the world of pureness and innocence. Are you ready? Let's begin our journey! 


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