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In Words We Thrive: The History of the Liberal Arts Publishing Industry in Taiwan (National Museum of Taiwan Literature) (Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


Literary writings and thoughts stay quietly brewing when they are in the authors' minds. Once printed and published, they incite feelings and raise sympathy. The legendary people in the history of publishing in Taiwan could work alone or in groups; most importantly, sometimes they fought against oppressive regimes as if they were martial artists, known for their learnedness and valor.

It is truly not easy for the publishing industry in Taiwan to move from repression to liberty. The members of the Taiwanese publishing community helped one another in difficult times and led their own ways when circumstances were better. There is one thing they've always striven for: to make writings last. Tribute must be paid to the publishing community in Taiwan, since it takes courage to publish.

DATE: 2022/07/22-2023/05/21
VENUE: 1st Floor, Exhibition Room C

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