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Ties That Bind-More Than Just Books (National Museum of Taiwan Literature)(Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


Books, which preserve human memory and evade time, have been journeying with us for two thousand and five hundred years. A book's text and symbols, along with its external binding and cover, also traverses the intersection between thought and time.

The exhibition circles around "Book Binding", shedding light on the different aspects of publications. The exhibition is composed of five sections: "Inscription on the Bone", "Secret in the Scroll's Heart", "Butterfly Spreading Wings", "Stride with Technology" and "Marks on the Hearts of Kids". With the exhibits following chronological order, we sail through the history of Taiwan's binding technology.

There are many special forms of Taiwanese books in the exhibition, such as Buddhist scriptures, the " Concertina-Fold", Cover designs, Limited edition works, Illustrations, and Paperbacks influenced by Japanese and Western culture in the early 20th century. In addition, in order to resonate with Children’s Literature Reading Room (1F), the children's books are also included in this exhibition. In the early eighteenth century, Western publishers began to publish fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and picture books for children which developed various children's literature genres. Taiwan has also kept pace with the times.

This exhibition, " Ties That Bind:More Than Just Books ", is co-organized by the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the Department of Art History at Tainan National University of the Arts. With the museum providing collection resources and technical support, and the university offering students the chance to curate in a prestigious museum, the exhibition is truly the combination of theories and practice.


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