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About us

Why We Do What We Do

Our Mission: Popworld is on a mission to create a more fascinating world by harnessing the power of technology, fostering creativity, and embracing diverse perspectives. We are dedicated to making every adventure and journey interactive, educational, and truly memorable.

Popworld’s services are human-oriented. We develop the required services to improve the situations or solve the problems that people encounter.
Popworld’s mission is not to develop OEM software or hardware, or on works purely in accordance with specifications. We value creativity, and provide services that cater to the people.

Our Vision: To be a global leader in creating immersive and enriching experiences that captivate and connect people worldwide. We envision a future where our innovative technologies and creative endeavors inspire individuals to embrace curiosity, expand their horizons, and forge lasting memories. By fostering a sense of wonder and adventure, we strive to shape a world where exploration knows no bounds, and each person can discover their own extraordinary journey.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals

Popworld is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believes corporate social responsibility is essential in achieving them. Hence, we align our business practices to contribute to a sustainable and equitable world.

Regional Revitalization

Regional revitalization is driven by the innovative concept of online-to-offline services, leveraging experiential marketing techniques. Through captivating tours, engaging scavenger hunt games, and large events introduced online, communities attract visitors and players to participate offline.
By channeling consumption and activities to the community, the approach bolsters the local economy and fosters a symbiotic relationship that benefits both residents and visitors. It's a powerful way to uplift communities, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the region.

Hearing Taiwan

Popworld is weaving its enchantment throughout every inch of Taiwan, offering travelers a personal audio guide that accompanies them on their journey.
Explore the island with ease, as if guided by a knowledgeable local. Our mission is to transcend language barriers and provide foreigners with an immersive experience of Taiwan through Popworld. With our user-friendly services, delving into the depths of Taiwan becomes effortless!

Inclusive Accessibility

Popworld's guided tour and game development platform is now available for free to small businesses, studios, and student groups who have limited budget resources. With Popworld, they can construct immersive games and customize creative tours without the need for costly hardware and manpower expenses.

Environmental Sustainability

With Popworld's smart tour guide, there's no need to rely on cumbersome paper books or maps that require tree felling. This eco-conscious approach not only reduces the environmental impact but also fosters a sustainable future. By embracing Popworld's innovative solution, we can achieve the dual benefits of cost-effective tour guidance and environmental stewardship.

Job Creation

Traditional tour guides are often constrained by time or the number of visitors, thus limiting their ability to provide services. However, Popworld's guides can now take travelers on tours anytime, anywhere, and even monetize their guiding expertise, thereby increasing their income and exposure.
This innovative approach revolutionizes the tour guide industry, empowering guides to expand their reach and enhance their financial prospects.