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蹦世界 popworld
蹦世界 popworld
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蹦世界 popworld
蹦世界 popworld
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Our Mission

Core Concept

Popworld is an open platform where every creator can design their own AR games and smart tours. The world is so big, and we alone can't explore every corner or unearth every story. Popworld and everyone together are building a more interesting world.

Our goal is to make tours more fun through games, achieve educational objectives by learning about history and culture during the play, and bring tourists to local spots through on-site experiences, promoting local economies and creating a positive cycle in the ecosystem.

The origin of the name Popworld. Everyone can hop and bounce around the world, and another meaning is that my phone screen pops with amazing content, enriching the journey of life.


Popworld devotes to provide services improving society to reach the goal of earning from society and return to society. Popworld is selected to Social Impact (SI) to comply SDGs.

Community Co-creation

Popworld develops experience marketing to build Online to Offline services. We create interesting guides and games to introduce society online, then attract tourists and players to play in person offline. Bring consumers to society and improve local economy to return society.

Listen Taiwan Project

Popworld is planting sounds across every inch of Taiwan, providing travelers with a personal tour guide wherever they go. We hope to enable foreigners in Taiwan to deeply understand this land through Popworld, unrestricted by language barriers.
Create friendly services, and make in-depth travel in Taiwan easy!
Generate a WOW surprise for travelers! They will want to return and recommend Taiwan to their friends after experiencing such dedicated service.

Free High-Quality Guides for Small Events and Exhibitions

Popworld’s tour and game creation backend is freely provided to small businesses, studios, or student groups lacking funding. It helps them use Popworld for audio guides and real-world puzzle games during exhibitions and events.
No need for manpower and hardware costs, supporting all dreamers struggling with finances.

Environmental Sustainability

Using Popworld smart tours eliminates the need to cut down trees for bulky paper books or maps, reducing environmental costs in navigation and contributing to sustainable development.

Increase Job Opportunities

Human guides are often limited by time or tourist numbers, thus unable to provide services. By uploading rich experiences to the Popworld platform, guides can take tourists on tours anytime and anywhere, selling their guiding experiences and increasing their income and exposure.

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