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Terms of Use

Welcome to use the “Platform Service” (including Popworld's website at https: // and all the software programs owned by Popworld) offered by “Popworld Inc.” (hereafter referred to as “Popworld”). Your registration, download and use of the software means you have perused, understood and agreed with the content of the Agreement.

Popworld is a service platform providing travel exchanges, guidance and game messages. We highly value each piece of data uploaded by users, and deem it the most important asset. Thus, your agreement to our rules will enable us to protect your rights and interests in the most effective way.

For the “Platform Service” to provide you with the optimal experience, you agree to the following:
1. Offer your personal data, maintain accuracy and integrity of them and update them. You are prohibited from filing an application for others or filling in any false or incomplete registration data.
2. Abide by the laws of the Republic of China, and not use the platform for any illegal purpose or with any illegal method.
3. The following conduct is not allowed and shall be restricted:

    a. Release, publish or upload any defamation, insults, threats, attacks, indecent porn and files containing any forms of texts and pictures which violate public order or morality, or are illegal.
    b. Use improper syntax or programs to destroy webpage display and normal operation.
    c. Infringe the trade secrets, trademark right, copyright, patent right or intellectual property right of others.
    d. Conduct any behavior considered inappropriate by Popworld.

4. Registration and account number related regulations:
    a. Account number registration shall comply with Internet ethics and abide by the laws of the Republic of China.
    b. Please do not use any controversial words containing threats, indecency, abuse and illegality in the account number.
    c. Please keep your account number and password safe, and be sure to log out after your use of the platform. Popworld is not liable for any loss resulting from your disclosure to a third person.
    d. If you have any questions regarding security of your account number or have any irregular use, please promptly notify Popworld, so we may promptly take care of it and protect your rights and interests.

5. Popworld is entitled to suspend, terminate or refuse your use of the Platform Service if you violate the aforesaid regulations.
6. The method to present by e-documents.

Popworld can provide you with the best protection and help when disputes occur. On the other hand, Popworld requires acquiring your use right and delegation of authority before increasing your exposure in various forms or seeking more cooperation opportunities for you.

In terms of the content
1. You guarantee that any data uploaded or provided by you to the “Platform Service” absolutely do not infringe the rights of others, and you are legally entitled to authorize others to use, revise and reproduce the data, or make changes, provide public broadcast, dissemination, issuance, public release and transmission of the data, and you are entitled to authorize the aforesaid rights to a third person.
2. Your provision of the data on the “Platform Service” through upload, transmission, input or public release or any other ways represents that, with the purpose for public or private interests, you have already permanently and non-exclusively authorized Popworld at no charge to unconditionally use the data, including but not limited to revision, reproduction, dissemination, public release and public transmission of the data. You shall also guarantee that Popworld will not infringe intellectual properties of others when revising, reproducing, disseminating, publicly releasing and publicly transmitting the said data. Otherwise, you shall be liable for compensation of Popworld’s damage including, but not limited to, litigation and attorney expenses.
3. You shall not upload the content which will directly or indirectly cause damage to others or the server, e.g. computer viruses, malicious programs or links, etc.
4. For any content not complying with the regulations, in error or defined by Popworld as containing improper information, Popworld is entitled to revise it or take it off without separately sending notice to you.

Service revision and termination
Popworld is entitled to revise, add/subtract and terminate the Service, for which the user shall not request any compensation.
Popworld is entitled to revise the content of the User Authorization Agreement, for which users shall take notice of any updated announcements.

The information uploaded to the Website may be erroneous or untrue, for which Popworld is not in the position to guarantee accuracy of the information and is not liable for any damage caused by the error or misstatement.
Popworld has the privilege of immunity for any law-violation content uploaded by you.
If you have signed any other relevant agreement with Popworld, such agreement shall prevail.

In case of any of the following occurrences, you agree that you will compensate for any resulting losses including, but not limited to, the litigation fee, attorney expenses and other related accounting expenses.
1. You breach this Agreement.
2. You violate the law or infringe the rights and interests of a third person.
3. You improperly use the Platform Service.

Service assistance
If you have any questions, please contact us at