Privacy Policy

Data collection from you:
Popworld will collect the data provided by you on the “Platform Service” through upload, transmission, input, public release or any other ways, which include the name, telephone number, e-mail address, user’s appellation and password filled in by you in your registration and the information for connection when visiting our website or using our software.

Location Data
We collect and process location information when you use the services. By default, we do not track your location while you are not using this App.
If you would like to stop device location tracking, you may do so at any time by adjusting your device settings

Regulations on the use of personal information
As required by the Personal Data Protection Act, Popworld hereby specifically informs you of the way collecting your data.
1. Collection agency name: Popworld Inc.
2. Purpose for data collection: member’s ID authentication, member service, member data management, member contacts, notice mailing and provision for consumer or online behavior survey in order to offer better service. For example, we detect your location to invoke audio guides automatically without needing to select by hand.
3. Type of personal data: The data you have registered or retained on our website or our company’s software.
4. Data use period, regions and method: You agree that, during Popworld’s operation period, Popworld may collect, process, retain, deliver and use your registered personal data at home and abroad in accordance with the following rules.

    a. Except where required by law, you may delete, cease, process or use your personal data on the Popworld at any time. However, when you make a request, Popworld is entitled to suspend or cease your member’s account and refuse your use of Popworld’s service.
    b. If you have any questions regarding your personal data, or have the request for cessation of collection, processing, retention, transmission and use of the data you have registered, please contact Popworld at

Service revision and termination
Popworld is entitled to revise, add/subtract and terminate the Service, for which the user shall not request any compensation.
Popworld is entitled to revise the content of the User Authorization Agreement, for which users shall take notice of any updated announcements.

The information uploaded to the Website may be erroneous or untrue, for which Popworld is not in the position to guarantee accuracy of the information and is not liable for any damage caused by the error or misstatement.
Popworld has the privilege of immunity for any law-violation content uploaded by you.
If you have signed any other relevant agreement with Popworld, such agreement shall prevail.

In case of any of the following occurrences, you agree that you will compensate for any resulting losses including, but not limited to, the litigation fee, attorney expenses and other related accounting expenses.
1. You breach this Agreement.
2. You violate the law or infringe the rights and interests of a third person.
3. You improperly use the Platform Service.

Service assistance
If you have any questions, please contact us at