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Privacy Policy

Welcome to use Popworld (hereafter referred to as the Service). The Service is developed and maintained by Popworld Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) with the scope covering the website system (https: // and mobile app (hereafter referred to as Popworld APP).
To protect your rights and interests, please confirm that you agree with all the regulations before starting to use the Service. In case of any revision or change to the terms of the Service in the future, the Company will post the revised or changed terms of the Service on this page. If you continue to use the Service after the aforesaid revision or change has been made, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to such revision or change. In case that you are unable to comply with the terms of the Service, or do not agree to the content of the terms of the Service, please stop using the Service immediately. To ensure your rights and interests, we recommend you keep updated on the content of latest terms of the Service. If you are under the age of 20, you shall have your legal representative (parent) or guardian read, understand and agree to all the content of the Agreement before signing up for, or using, the Service. When you use the Service, it is deemed that your parent (or guardian) has already read, understood and agreed to all the content of the terms of the Service and the subsequent revisions and changes.

I. Registration and service principles
After confirming the correctness, the Service will provide you with a variety of functions and services, such as guided tours, AR Games, and AR, and combine positioning to offer the location based services (LBS), in which the detailed items are subject to the availability made by the Service.

II. Personal data and privacy protection
With reference to your personal data, the Company will protect them by law; the details are explained below:
A. Protection of personal data
1. Name of the collection agency: Popworld Inc.
2. Source of Personal Information Collection: Our company collects data that you upload, transmit, enter for public release, or otherwise provide to this service, including the name, phone, email, address, username, password, gender, birthday, location, and credit card information you provided at registration. It also includes the connection information linked when visiting our service or using the software.
3. Data security and protection methods: The mainframe of the Service is equipped with a variety of relevant information security facilities and required security protection measures, such as firewalls and anti-virus systems, to protect the Service and your personal data through strict protection measures. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access your personal data, and relevant processing personnel have all signed a confidentiality contract. In case of any violation of the confidentiality obligation, the violator will be subject to the corresponding legal punishment.
4. Purposes of personal data collection:
  • (1) To authenticate members’ identity, provide services for members, manage members’ data, contact members, send notices, and carry out consumer or online behavior surveys and research in order to offer better services. For instance, we can detect the data of your phone location, so a voice introduction or the recording of your location trajectory for calculation of the movement distance will be automatically triggered when you arrive at a specified location.
  • (2) To collect, process and use the personal data as specified by law and required by supervision and according to the legal obligation, a contract or quasi contract, or other legal relations.
  • (3) The purposes of information collection include marketing business, consumer and customer management and service, other businesses in line with the items defined in the business registration or articles of association, and other consulting and advisory services.
5. The categories of personal data collected include the data (e.g., name, e-mail address, and location) logged or retained in the Service by you. During the general browsing, the Service will also record relevant paths including the IP address of the connection equipment used by you, use time, models, browses, data clicking, selecting records, etc.
6. Use of personal data:
  • (1) For the personal data logged in or retained by you, you agree that the Company may record, preserve and use the data and records retained or generated by you in the Service within the scope of offering the Service’s marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or providing users with personalized services or value-added services.
  • (2) The Company’s processing and utilization of your personal data are done only within the scope of specific purposes of collection and requirements of relevant statutory laws and regulations. Unless otherwise agreed by you or specifically required by other laws and regulations, the Company will not disclose your personal data to a third party or use them for the purposes other than purposes of collection. The Company may also collect additional personal data from you in order to activate specific functions in the Company’s services; for example, the data of your mobile phone’s location will be accessed, so as to record your movement routes; your calendar will be accessed, so as to schedule your training program or arrange your social network certificates and post the content from the app to the social network.
7. Period, regions, recipients and methods of the use of personal data:
  • (1) Period: The Company will continue to use the personal data provided by you until the date you formally request cessation of the use or the date the Company terminates the offer of its services.
  • (2) Regions: The location of the Company and the areas of the agencies having entered into contracts with the Company due to business needs.
  • (3) Recipients: The Company, and the agencies having entered into contractual relationship or having a business relationship with the Company due to business needs.
  • (4) Methods: The methods of use meeting the specific purposes of the collection and within the scope specified by statutory laws and regulations.
8. Rights of data subjects:
  • (1) Except for the exceptions specified in Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Act, data subjects may make an inquiry, request to review, or request a copy to the Company via e-mail. However, pursuant to Article 14 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Company may charge a fee for the cost.
  • (2) You may register your name and email address in the Service to inquire or change your personal data at any time.
  • (3) You may request to stop or delete your personal data by sending an email to our service email,, with your request to delete personal data and your contact information. However, if your decision to cease processing or using some of your personal data results in data deficiency or error, the Company may be unable to provide you with complete services.
9. Protection of personal data:
  • (1) On our platform, to facilitate users in verifying the accuracy of their entered data, we choose not to obscure sensitive data fields. This includes email fields during user registration and login, as well as information on personal and purchase pages that can only be accessed after logging in, such as name, email, birthday, gender, phone, and address fields, all left unobscured for easy verification of information accuracy. As for credit card information, since it is only entered once during the transaction process and the system does not store any credit card information, it is also left unobscured for ease of checking. We encourage users to properly safeguard their devices and equipment and ensure the security of their login information to prevent data from being peeped at, illegally used, or tampered with. Should users detect any unusual activities, they should immediately contact us so we can halt related services and take appropriate preventive measures. We will assist in investigating and clarifying any cases of identity misuse or theft. However, should any damage arise from the user's own intentional actions or negligence, the user shall bear the relevant responsibility.
  • (2) The Company will store all of your personal data in its data storage system and adopt strict protection measures to prevent any access by unauthorized personnel. The Company’s personnel have received comprehensive information confidentiality education, and its relevant processing personnel have all signed a confidentiality contract. In case of any violation of the confidentiality obligation, the violators will be subject to punishment according to relevant laws and regulations and the Company’s internal regulations.
  • (3) To protect the integrity and safety of your personal data, the data processing system that preserves your personal data has been equipped with a variety of information security facilities and required security protection measures taken, so as to protect your personal data from being accessed unduly or destroyed.
  • (4) If it is necessary to entrust any third parties to provide services due to business needs, the Company will also strictly request them to abide by the confidentiality obligation and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure their true compliance.
  • (5) Unless otherwise required by law, you may delete your personal data or stop their processing or use in the Service. However, when you make such request, the Company is entitled to suspend or cancel your member’s account and deny you the use of the Service.
B. Privacy protection
The content of the privacy protection policy covers how the Service processes the personal identity data collected while you use the Service. The privacy protection policy is neither applicable to any services other than the Service, nor applicable to those personnel who are not commissioned by the Service or involved in management.

III. The Service’s data custody and matters to be observed
1. The data for identity confirmation or authentication used by you in the Service will be used as the reference for your inquiries. You are obligated to preserve them properly and not to disclose them to any third parties. When authentication data entered according to the required method of the system are consistent with the login data, whether they are entered by you in person or not, it will be deemed that the Service is used by you in person.
2. If you find your account has been misappropriated or unduly used by others, you shall promptly contact the Company’s customer service mailbox at, so the Company can take relevant protection measures.

IV. User’s obligations and guarantee
A. In addition to observing the terms of the Service, you agree to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China, the Company’s service and business rules, and the regulations related to the international practices and etiquette of communication network, and agree not to engage in the following acts:
1. To steal, alter or destroy the information of others.
2. To distribute or spread phone or computer viruses.
3. To fraudulently use the Service in the name of another person.
4. To engage in any act not in line with the purpose provided by the Service or any act considered inappropriate by the Company with due reasons.
B. If the Company discovers, or others complain, that you are violating or suspected of violating the aforesaid regulations, the Company is entitled to terminate or suspend your access to various services. If you object to such termination or suspension, you may notify the Company of your objection. In case that your use of the Service is terminated or suspended, the Company is not liable to you or any third parties. In addition to assuming the resultant legal liability, you shall be liable for compensation and imbursement if there is any damage or loss (including but not limited to the litigation costs and attorney fees spent on civil, criminal and administrative procedures) to the Company or its affiliated enterprises, employees, trustees or agents and other relevant assistants assisting in performance-related matters.
C. If, as agreed, your use of the Service is separately charged and an information service fee is collected, you shall agree to comply with the Company’s regulations and instructions related to its service fee collection.

V. Service suspension or interruption
The Company will maintain the normal operation of the Service with reasonable methods and its technologies. However, in case of any of the following circumstances, the Company may suspend or interrupt the entire or part of the Service, and shall not be liable for any compensation to the users:
1. When relocating, replacing or maintaining relevant system equipment.
2. The service cessation or interruption occurs due to a cause not attributable to the Company.
3. When the e-communication equipment has to undergo required maintenance and construction.
4. When a sudden failure of e-communication equipment occurs.
5. When your service information is not displayed correctly, or is falsified, altered, deleted or extracted due to a cause beyond the control of the Company.
6. When you violate any governmental laws and regulations or the terms of the Service.

VI. Using e-documents as a way of representation
You agree that, when using the Service, the declaration of intent for all the transactions shall be made via e-documents. If you click the function keys, such as consent or confirm, on the pages of various services and functions, it shall be deemed your official declaration of intent.

VII. Use of cookies
In order to provide you with the best service, this website will save and use our cookies in your computer. If you do not want to accept the writing of cookies, you can refuse to use cookies in the privacy setting, but it may lead some functions of the website not available.

VIII. Policy on sharing data with third parties
The Service will never offer, exchange, lease or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or government agencies, unless otherwise required by law or contract obligation.
The proviso of the preceding paragraph includes but is not limited to the following:
1. With your written consent.
2. Specifically prescribed by law
3. To avoid the danger to your life, body, freedom or property.
4. If it is necessary for statistical or academic research in order to meet public interests when cooperating with government agencies or academic research institutes, and the data have been processed by the provider or the data collector has disclosed the data in such a way that the specific concerned parties cannot be identified.
5. When your behavior in the Service violates the terms of the Service, is likely to damage or obstruct the Service and the rights and interests of other users or cause damage to anyone else, and, as studied and analyzed by the Company’s management unit, the Company considers it necessary to disclose your personal data in order to identify and contact you or take any legal action.
6. When it’s beneficial to your rights and interests
When the Service entrusts contractors or individuals to assist in collecting, processing or using your personal data, it will exercise its due care to the supervision and management of the entrusted contractors or individuals.

IX. Intellectual property rights
1. For the software or programs used by the Service and all the contents on the mobile phone communication webpage, their intellectual property rights are owned by the Company or other rights owners by law, which no one shall discretionarily use, alter, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, publish, make public, or conduct reverse engineering, decompiling or disassembling. If you wish to cite or reprint them, you shall obtain a prior consent in writing from the Company or other rights owners by law. It is your obligation to respect intellectual property rights. In case of any violation, you shall be liable for damage compensation (including but not limited to the litigation costs and attorney fees) to the Company.
2. Under the principle of respecting others’ intellectual property rights, you agree not to infringe on others’ intellectual property rights when using the Service.
3. In the event that the user is involved in infringement, the Company may cancel and directly terminate the Service.
4. If you discover any infringement of intellectual property rights, please contact the Company’s customer service mailbox ( The letter shall describe the infringement situation and your contact methods and include a truthful statement and a declaration of legal ownership of the intellectual property rights. The Company will have dedicated personnel handle it for you.

X. Governing law and jurisdiction
1. The interpretation or applicability of the terms of the Service shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of China as the governing law.
2. In case of any dispute arising between the Company and the user out of the use of the Service, both parties agree to resolve it with the principle of good faith. If litigation is required, except for the circumstance applicable to a small-claims proceeding under Article 436-9 of the Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure, both parties agree that Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of competent jurisdiction for the first instance.

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