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Terms of Purchase(For Taiwan)

Applicable terms
Thank you for using the Popworld platform. The Popworld platform is a service provided by Popworld Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Popworld" or "we"; (Referred to as "Content)"), must abide by the "Terms of Purchase", hereafter referred to as "Terms".

Free content
Popworld allows you to download, view or use part of the "Content" of Popworld platform for free. You may be subject to additional restrictions when you access or use certain free "content".

Purchase content
When you purchase "Content" through or using the Popworld platform, you are deemed to have signed a separate sales contract with the seller in accordance with these "Terms" (as applicable). The possible sellers are:
(a) Popworld Inc. or
(b) Service providers that provide "content" (hereinafter referred to as "suppliers").

In addition, the signed sales contract is a supplement to the "terms".

Once you receive an e-mail from Popworld to confirm your purchase of "Content", it means that a contract for the purchase and use of "Content" has been established. After the purchase transaction is completed, the contract will begin to be fulfilled.

Other payment processing methods
Popworld provides a variety of payment processing methods to facilitate your purchase of "content" on the Popworld platform. You must abide by the terms and conditions of use or other legal agreements stipulated by you and orld or a third party for specific payment processing methods. Popworld can add or remove payment processing methods by itself. You must take full responsibility for all the fees payable incurred when you purchase "content" on the Popworld platform.

Before you purchase the "Content", the pricing and supply status of the "Content" displayed on the Popworld platform may change at any time.

"Tax" refers to any taxes, customs declaration fees, taxes or taxes (except income tax) related to the sale of "Content", including any related fines or interest. You are responsible for paying all "taxes", so the "content" payments you make are not deductible for "taxes". If the seller of the "content" or Popworld is obligated to collect or pay "tax", the "tax" should be borne by you. You must comply with all applicable tax regulations, including declaration and payment of any taxes that arise from your use of the Popworld platform or the purchase of "content" through the Popworld platform; in addition, you must also be responsible for reporting and paying all such applicable taxes.

Order and Shipping Policy
When you make any transaction on the Popworld platform, you should follow the confirmation of product quantity and pricing mechanisms provided by Popworld. You agree that Popworld reserves the right to refuse orders or cancel shipments. Unless there are special reasons and prior notification, shipped products will not be eligible for re-ordering or order changes.

Return and Exchange Policy
Popworld offers a 14-day cooling-off period for physical products, which exceeds the requirements of consumer protection laws, allowing refunds for any reason within this period. However, if your situation exceeds the refund conditions, you may still apply, and we will decide accordingly.
Non-returnable/non-exchangeable conditions:
1. The code has been used.
2. Exceeding the fourteen-day cooling-off period, starting the day after the goods are received.
3. The product has been used and cannot be restored.
4. Minor dirt or dents on the container caused during transportation, which do not affect the quality of the product itself.
Once approved, you will receive a full refund within one week. The funds will be returned using the payment method you used at the time of purchase. If Popworld cannot refund to the original payment method, an alternative refund method will be agreed with you.

The refund service is designed to mitigate the risk of purchasing products on the Popworld platform, not as a means for free play. If we feel you are abusing the refund service, we may stop processing your refund requests. If cancellations, arbitrary returns or exchanges, or any other improper conduct cause harm to Popworld, we reserve the right to refuse transactions or cancel purchase eligibility as appropriate.

How to apply for a refund
You can apply for a refund or seek assistance with your purchase at https: //

Last updated on April 22, 2024.

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