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蹦世界 popworld
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Popworld: Crafting an exciting world through user-centric services. Serving individuals globally, making the world more captivating. Join us in transforming ordinary experiences into extraordinary adventures.

Customized Services

Customize events that align with your company's culture, goals, and location. Our members design engaging activities, captivating storylines, and provide tailored props and live NPCs. With meticulous attention to detail, we exceed expectations, delivering seamless and unforgettable experiences.

Critical Thinking and Teamwork

Unleash your team's potential with professional puzzle design. Collaborate, conquer missions, and ignite team synergy. Seamlessly blend corporate culture and gaming through immersive challenges and captivating storytelling. Experience a dynamic fusion of business and adventure for lasting impact.

Leadership Boards and Competition

Foster collaboration among departments with built-in team features. Ignite competitive spirit with leaderboards. Calculate scores and rankings in real-time for easy prize distribution. Experience the excitement of teamwork and recognition.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Embark on an immersive augmented reality (AR) adventure. Discover interactive clues and engage in location-triggered events that ignite excitement along your journey. Experience the seamless fusion of mystery and cutting-edge technology.


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Recommended Games

Buy and play our existing games directly
Games are suitable for multiplayer or group play. Purchase the corresponding ticket for the number of players and start playing immediately.
Customized for corporate groups without geographical limitations.
Whether it's the choice of venue, alignment with your company values, or catering to your preferences, we can accommodate and deliver a unique gaming experience.



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