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To many Taiwanese people, Lanyu is a distant legend.

The local indigenous people – the Yami people (a.k.a. Tao), follow their traditional knowledge rigorously, and lead a simple life. Compared to other indigenous peoples in Taiwan, the Yami people (Tao) experienced no mass migration, and hence preserve most of their traditional lifestyles. Today, even though the younger generation has chosen to leave the Island for work and choose to live in concrete houses, many traditional seniors still adhere to their traditions and lead a carefree life close to nature.

Perhaps it was the eve of the tourist season when we landed on Lanyu, as there were not many tourists yet. The slower pace of life allowed us to relish the local lifestyle. Upon alighting from the plane, we were received by the warm hospitality of the southern islands. One can’t help but slow down, casting away the hustle and bustle of the city for the time being. Along the circular island road, one can often see the locals sitting casually, chatting and sipping tea, or the seniors sitting at their doorsteps, enjoying the sun and doing nothing. Their carefree attitude towards life is something the city dwellers could not possess. When you simply pass by the shops, you’ll be welcomed by warm greetings, and new friends are made as conversations strike up. Though it was just a few days, the trip was very fruitful. Besides the beautiful sceneries, I also experienced the human touch, which seems to be missing in the present technological era.

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Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities? Or are you bored with your mundane life? Why not go on a tour to the old city district right now and experience the past in the present! Dadaocheng is situated along Tamsui River. The name was originated from the big open grounds that were used to sun-dry rice. During Qing dynasty, Taiwanese tea that was exported to other countries built up an excellent reputation. Along with convenient transportation, more and more foreign merchants came to Dadaocheng to do trades and establish business points. Therefore, the neighborhood of Daodaocheng Wharf gradually became the commercial hub of Northern Taiwan. Later on, problems occurred, such as local residents moving away and the siltation of the river, the past glory can no longer be seen. Yet, the relics of the past are still preserved intact in this historical district. Strolling on the old streets, you will see the magnificent and elegant quasi-baroque buildings as well as traditional, simple Minnan street shops. There are also diverse old trading companies that sell souvenirs. Therefore, many tourists visit on holidays to experience the nostalgic atmosphere specific to the old Taipei. Each year, when Lunar New Year is approaching, Dihua Street will turn into a bustling street of New Year goods. Mayor of Taipei City, Ko Wen-je said: “From old historical buildings through unique old streets to all kinds of innovative elements, Dadaocheng is not only a busy old town, but also a living and vibrant urban museum that breaks through spatial imitations.” These words are probably the best portrayal of Dadaocheng. A reminder: Dadaocheng mostly sells breakfast and lunch. Some restaurants close when everything is sold out. If you want to try some delicacies there, remember to go early. Everything will be gone if you arrive too late.

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