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Keelung City


“An offshore island, yet a connected island”,probably best sums up for Heping Island. Get away from crowded city to Heping Island, all you need to do is take a turn and cross a 70-meter bridge.

Five million years ago, Heping Island was originally three isolated islands, they were the Bush Island, Sheliao Island and Zhongshan Zi Island. Later, the three small islands were gradually merged by manmade facilities and reclamation. The "Heping Island Geopark," where we are now, is the original location of Zhongshan Zi Island.

Now, Heping Island is connected to Taiwan by the Heping Bridge. Heping Island's coasts are strongly affected by marine erosion and weathering. This contributes to the island's many natural landscapes, making it an ideal place for an outing and for learning about nature.

Feel tired of your busy life? Why not packing up your bag and go Heping Island Geopark! Let’s do it! Sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves beating on the shore, smashing a favorite song, picnic with friends and enjoy the leisurely life of the island. Find your peace is so simple.


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