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Undying Poetry──Lin Heng-tai Donation Exhibition(National Museum of Taiwan Literature)(Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


Lin Heng-tai, a laureate of the 8th National Awards for Art, was a member of Modernism (poetry society) and a founding member of the Li (Bamboo Hat) Poetry Society, in which he served as its first editor-in-chief. He is both a poet and poetry critic. Lin hails from the generation that lived through Taiwan's linguistic watershed in the 1940s when Japanese, the language of colonial-era Taiwan, was jettisoned and replaced with Mandarin Chinese after the island's repatriation to China after the Second World War.

This exhibition displays prized, handwritten works of the author that were donated to the museum. The layout complements his famous poem "Landscape No. 2", allowing visitors to enjoy views of nearby Tang Te-chang Memorial Park and Yuanhuan Road while moving through the exhibition space. Lin Heng-tai's every line inspires readers to seek and discover the rich scenes woven into his poetry.


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