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Memories of Our City──Hong Kong Literature From Yesterday into Tomorrow(National Museum of Taiwan Literature)(Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


How shall I tell her story? How did she find her identity? This special exhibition covers a century of literature written by authors living and working in Hong Kong, embracing a vast body of material and a broad sweep of time.

The five themes covered in this exhibition focus primarily on the five decades after the close of the Second World War. Our narrative begins in a quiet colonial backwater, proceeds through left-right ideological chaos, and arrives, through the engagingly written pages of contemporary literary works, at a crystallization of the modern 'Hong Kong' identity.

The 'My City' of yesterday has become the 'Our City' of today. Taiwanese should never forget the tenacity of Hong Kong's authors and literary community, their success in dispersing the pall of confusion, and the experience and lessons that we have learned from each other.

DATE:2020.01.17 ~ 2020.07.26
VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room D

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