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Small terrace.Grand view garden──Liang-Lou Han Donation Exhibition(National Museum of Taiwan Literature)(Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


A cultured young traveler, a self-taught intellectual, a culinary expert, and an urban story-teller — these are just some of the hats Lianglu Han wore in her life. In Taiwan, mentioning her name is like talking about a lifestyle brand. She enjoyed food, had a passion for travel, studied astrology and a wide variety of other fields, big and small. Through her unique perspective, daily lives and city spaces radiate from the ordinary mundane world.

As early as the age of 16, her gift in literature had begun to blossom. She started from writing modern poems, then expanded to film critiques, essays, screen plays and so on. However, she always held a humble attitude towards her writing subjects, and had a sense of propriety as a writer.

2020 is the 5th anniversary of her passing. Her work continues to be the door inviting us into her world, and the conversations about people, places and things she brought to us have never ceased to enrich us. The world she created is still blooming and vibrant.

DATE:2020.02.27 ~ 2020.08.23
VENUE:2nd Floor, Exhibition Room E

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