Lukang Route & Lukan Route A guided tour
彰化縣 休閒美景 English
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Take the Taiwantrip bus of Changhua, download the app or get the DM, following the tour guide and get the stamps in the sightseeing spots, collected 4 stamps could join the sweepstakes. The prizes including Samsung Galaxy S20, Lukang Union house accommodation ticket! For the faster 70 participants would win extra travel ticket package of Taiwantrip Changhua~

●Appoint stamp collection spot & Opening times
Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area tourism center:09:30-17:00
Changhua country (Lugang) Tourist Information Center:09:30-17:00
Lugang Mazu Temple (Tianhou Temple) :Do Not provide paper stamp, please move to Changhua country (Lugang) Tourist Information Center.
J. Wood Garden:09:00~17:00
Taiwan Glass Gallery:09:00~18:00

●award form:
●rules: Get the chance to win the Samsung Galaxy s20, Lukang Union house ticket~~Take the Changhua Taiwantrip bus, get the stemps at the sightseeing spots and fill in the form. For the faster 70 participants (depends on your photo update time in facebook if you are DM collector) would get extra travel ticket package!

●Event Date: till 15, June.
●Event prizes:
The faster stamps collector gift:
The ' travel ticket package' for the top 70 winners!
lucky draw prizes:
Jackpot: Samsung Galaxy S20 * 1
Second Prize: Shiyi Room at Lukang Yongle Hotel Weekday Accommodation Voucher for 4 persons (including breakfast for 4 guests, two sets of nostalgic English afternoon tea for two.) * 1
Third Prize: [OUTDOOR] RUSH-20 inch + 24 inch zipper box two-piece set-silver white * 1
Special Award: NT $ 500 All-in-One Gift Voucher * 10
General Prize: Yuanlin Baiguoshan Discovery Park * 10 tickets

About the prizes:
*Lukang Union house ticket for 4 person, weekday accommodation use. Make up the difference during the consecutive holidays ,weekend(fri, sat, sun) or summer/winter vacation. Period of use date before 30
*Baiguo mountain ticket, period of use before 30 June,2021.

●Data of announcement:
The 100 awardees of the ' faster stamps collectors' and 'lucky draw winners' list will be annouced on the facebookpage before June 19:
The gifts will be sent before June 30.

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