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The Power of Literature: Writing OUR TAIWAN (National Museum of Taiwan Literature) (Current Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


WARNING! YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY LITERATURE covers over a century of Taiwan literature. This exhibition opens a lens into the island's evolving social and political landscapes in six sections, including Humble Beginnings: Brought on the Waves, Nourished by Fertile Island Soils (~1895), Indefatigable Resolve: Dreams and Scars of Cultural Enlightenment (1895~1945), Trial by Fire: Guerilla War against Intellectual Asphyxiation (1945~1980), Democratization: Voices from All Quarters (1980~2000), and Writing our Future … Together. Multimedia displays throughout help visitors interact with, and create new possibilities within, the living stream of Taiwan literature. Find your treasure in this vibrant, flowing stream!

DATE:2020/11/07 ~
VENUE:1st Floor, Exhibition Room A & B

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