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Beyond Our Mind: Taiwanese Literature Between Animals and Humans (National Museum of Taiwan Literature) (Past Exhibition)

National Museum of Taiwan Literature
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Tainan City


In the realm of literature, animals have always been one of the subject matters. Comprising various animal totem imageries, real-life portrayals, interaction emotions, and even at times anthropomorphized animals, all to reflect on these kinds of entanglements and concerns between “human” and “other”. By using large-scale art installations and mo-cap interactive technology to present myths, poems, novels, prose, fairy tales, and other forms of literature about animals, this exhibition aims to arouse humility in human beings towards animals, and also inspire us to think about how we can better ourselves for the wellbeing of the larger world where humans and other beings co-exist.

DATE: 2022/06/08-2023/02/28
VENUE: 1st Floor, Exhibition Room D

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